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Instant access to and extensive coverage of over 3.5 million stocks and bonds as well as many other securities covering major and emerging markets and exchanges across the globe.

Securities professionals, sophisticated investors, attorneys, and accountants around the globe rely on this same valuable information to find historical prices and yields, indices, spread information, and descriptive information for fixed income and equity securities.

Now, use this valuable resource on an as-needed basis: no need to subscribe to costly subscription services when you can precisely find only the information you need.

What's Available

Debt Securities
More than 2.7 million global fixed income securities covering corporate debt, high yield securities, government and agency debt, securitized debt, municipal debt, money market securities and hybrid securities. A wide range of data is available, including daily closing prices (end-of-day quotes and bond evaluations), income data, security master (descriptive) data, and terms and conditions data:

Corporate Debt - includes active investment grade corporate debt issues, including debentures, fixed, floating and adjustable rates, private placements, Eurobonds, globals, MTNs.
High Yield Securities
Government & Agency Debt - includes treasuries, agencies, sovereigns and government debt securities.
Securitized Debt - U.S. mortgage-backed pass-through issues (FHLMC, FNMA, GNMA, and SBA pools). Data available includes daily composite seasoned, pool-specific, and coupon based evaluations, and factors and descriptive data for individual pass-through pools. U.S. collateralized mortgage obligations, asset-backed securities, and commercial mortgage-backed securities.
Municipal Debt - includes active and matured municipal debt issues covering tens of thousands of municipal issuers.
Hybrid Securities - including convertibles and preferreds.
Indices - index information for more than 15,000 indices from around the world, which range from sector and industry indices to exchange, national and international indices.
Spreads - current and historical yield spreads for corporate debt.

Extensive equities data for countries located in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Coverage includes common, ordinary, preferred, convertible-preferred and when-issued securities as well as warrants, units, mutual funds, REITs, and depository receipts, such as ADRs.

Comprehensive equity pricing data is available including exchange-level and composite open, bid, ask, mid, high/low, last and volume data. For ADRs and convertible preferred securities, evaluations are also available. Information is sourced directly from other third party data sources.

Descriptive Data Items
Call (redemption), put and sinking fund (drawing) terms, conversion details, coupon reset terms, payment-in-kind and step-up data, and municipal bond data, including default information and credit enhancement data (e.g., letter of credit and bond insurance).

Evaluated Pricing
For certain securities which are infrequently traded, BondsOnline provides access to the market leader's - FT Interactive Data - daily evaluated pricing that is correlated to the institutional market. Evaluations for more than 2.5 million securities are provided every business day, irrespective of whether trades have occurred. FT Interactive Data has proven itself to be an industry leader in evaluated pricing, setting the standard for coverage, quality and reliability. Its evaluations help investment professionals meet their mark-to-market pricing obligations and the demands of risk and portfolio management.

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