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Welcome to BondsOnline: Quotes and Data.

Instant access to and extensive coverage of over 3.5 million stocks and bonds as well as many other securities covering major and emerging markets and exchanges across the globe.

We offer daily, on-demand Corporate Debt spreads for US, Europe, Asia and Emerging Markets for 27 sectors:

  • US Spreads for Industrials, Utilities, Transportation, Banks, and Finance (non-bank) sectors (Reuters);
  • Aero-Defense-Transportation; Asia; Asia Investment Grade corporates; Auto-Auto Parts; Banks/Finance; Building Products-Home Builders; Chemicals; Consumer Products; EMEA (Emerging Europe/Middle East/Africa); Gaming and Lodging; General Industrial; Healthcare-Pharmaceuticals; Insurance; LATAM (Latin America); Metals and Mining; Oil-Gas-Exploration-Energy; Paper; REITS; Retail; Supranational; Technology; Utility (all derived from TRACE trade data).

Securities professionals, savvy investors, attorneys, and accountants throughout the Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas rely on this information regularly to find prices and yields, indices, spread information, and descriptive information for fixed income and equity securities.

Stock and bond prices, bond yields, historical stock market quotes, stock and bond indexes from around the world are at your fingertips: up to 30 years history for many securities.

Whether you need independent pricing to meet mark-to-market obligations, historical pricing for estate or tax valuations, or securities research for investment decisions, BondsOnline Stock and Bond Quotes is your source.

Choose a single date or a time-series of dates up through yesterday's closing.

Set up portfolios of securities, indexes, or yield curves for regular pricing, or look them up one at a time.

Use BondsOnline Stock and Bond Quotes on an as-needed basis: no need to subscribe to costly, ongoing, subscription services when you can precisely find only the information you need.

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